Jenny Brown, RD. Founder of FoodMed Inc.

Jenny Brown, RD
Founder of FoodMed Inc.

My Background

Born and raised in Alberta, I started learning from an early age about the effects of diet on your health. My father was a family doctor and so naturally had a very graphic description of how foods influenced our physiology. My mother was an excellent cook and gardener and prepared healthy, home-grown meals every day for a family of six. She often educated her children of all of the important vitamins and minerals in the foods she prepared. But with her British accent, the word ‘vitamins’ was pronounced a bit differently!

Once I eventually discovered my calling to be a dietitian, I earned my degree at the University of Alberta and became registered with the College of Dietitians of Alberta. I have since gained experience in a wide variety of clinical nutrition areas at several Alberta hospitals. My desire to counsel and guide others in nutrition for everyday life inspired me to start up my own business to serve clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

On my own time, I enjoy learning about sustainable living practices, such as permaculture and urban farming. I like to keep active with yoga, wall climbing, hiking and skiing. And to relax, I can usually be found with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other…or seen dancing at one of Edmonton’s live music venues!

My Approach

I work with clients to determine a nutrition plan based on their personal goals and lifestyle. I believe in looking at the big picture to help promote a positive relationship with food and healthy behaviours for life.

A positive relationship with food means not seeing certain foods or food groups as the enemy. The ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality, the severe calorie restricting regimes and the idea of ‘the perfect diet’ are thankfully becoming trends of the past. Current dietetic practices are promoting mindful eating, where the focus is listening to your body and enjoying a variety of foods every day.

Make an appointment with me and we can work together to set some realistic goals and make some sustainable changes.

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